Wilding Vids

Rewilding at the Knepp estate, West Sussex.

The man who planted trees (1987) - Allegorical tale & animation.

Restoring the ancient Caledonian forests - Trees for life.

How trees talk to each other - Suzanne Simard.

Incredible world of fungi -Paul Stamets with Joe Rogan.

Trophic Cascades, Wolves in Yellowstone NP - George Monbiot.

Sustainable woodland management - Fossil fuel free community - Tinkers Bubble, Somerset.

Woodland living - Community tree felling - Tinkers Bubble, Somerset.

Talking about the Knepp estate (rewilding) - Isabella Tree.

Herbivors and their important contribution to habitat dynamics - Franz Vera.

Ben Law - Sustainable woodland management, building a home and making a living in the woods.