The Children and the Tree

Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

In Tara Joy Posted

On the outskirts of a holy town,
Away from loud horns and constant sounds,

We found this majestic and truly remarkable tree,
Far, far more magnificent than any temple could be.

Doubtless it has watched so much change take place,
And human ‘progress’ march on in haste.

Many fellow trees grow and with ‘progress’ fall
And stood as a silent witness to it all.

Yet now it stands alone on the dusty baked earth
And many have forgotten its real worth

A few hungry children squat nearby and wait
For they are the inheritors of this dusty fate.

They wait for the ones with the cameras, candy and cash
Then when the rickshaws arrive, towards then they dash.

With a monotonous chorus of begging and pleas
While visitors photo the magnificent tree.

Such a heartbreaking scene this is to behold,
These children will be hungry until they grow old.

Generations of bright-eyed children faded this way,
Have grown to be desperate adults who fear each day.

And I imagine the tree watching them grow,
Wishing that if only these children could know….

That each of them is a rare jewel indeed
Grossly undervalued due to human greed.

Yet the tree has no words of comfort to give
So it gives of its shelter to help them to live.

And wishes from the heart of every leaf that it grows
That one-day these children will truly know…

That they are loved and have so much of worth
So can live with Joy upon this sacred Earth.


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