Ooooh Wow I Do Love You ……..

Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

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Night after night I’m reminded anew

How much I really do love you.


I love your warmth, softness and the way you make me feel

You sooth my mind and body and make my dreams feel real.


I love to lie with you in the golden morning sun

And just as much when rain plays the window like a drum.


To lay there as starlight kisses my face

And drop off to sleep in your warm embrace.


Tis hard to tear myself away from you

But tis something that daily I must do.


And it is quite a strange thing for me to say

But I almost forget you during the day.


I get on with all the things that I need to do

Knowing later I’ll be reunited with you.


But sometimes I do leave it far too long

Till many night hours have already gone.


Yet when I come, there is just one thing to be said

“Ooooh wow I do love you Bed”.


Love Tara Joy 06.11.17