Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

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They have removed the hearth

The ‘feature’ fireplace gapes

a hole where life could be


A gash in our autonomy;

These sanded lintels and stone tiles

dont fool me

This house is empty



Nowhere to kindle a fire

to feed a family

stew a poached hare

boil the nappies

heat the water for the tin bath


no place to sit and spin a yarn

spindle flying with the witches and woodcutters

shadows dancing on the walls


No stack of logs peppered with lichen

home to woodlice

who need chubby fingered help to return to the wild


No need for the woodcutter

and his seventh child


I wouldn’t have helped split old floorboards

to make kindling

clumsy with a hatchet

holding out my skinny arms

as my dad loaded them up with wood

No wooding on the pony and trap

or in the van at dusk

at the edge of an industrial estate


in the hedges and copses


teaching my daughter to recognise seasoned wood


the weight of a heavy ash bough

thumbnail to the grain

yes, this is going to keep us warm


the smell of sawn wood

rich, fresh, living and dead at the same time


we are not rich, but we are living.

we will revel

in the warmth, in the glow, in the knowledge

of the flames


We have sat pondering and talking shit

in the evening

listening to the spit and crackle

since we had to use a bow drill

to breathe fire into life


with songs

loud and bawdy, quiet and ancient

We are not machines

we are not warmed by LEDs


A house is not a home

without a heart that beats.



Poem and photography by Katya Warren Wild