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Sporadic writings from a nomadic existence and words from friends made along the way.

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Many things are written and end up sitting hidden in notebooks or on hard drives. This is a place for them to see the light of day. It could be memories, articles, poems, observations, passions, fears, inquiries or any other glimpses in to life. Amusing, serious, pointless or unusual. A window in to some moments in time. Writing can take a lot of time and energy, it would be a shame not to put it somewhere.

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Bear Awareness

Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

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Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

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Wild Lands

Put It Somewhere
Put It Somewhere

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A graph showing the other thing....


Chile has set aside 11 million acres of land for national parks in Patagonia, following the largest-ever private land donation to a country


A province in Pakistan announced it has planted one billion trees in two years, in response to the terrible floods of 2015


Cameroon committed to restoring over 12 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin, and Brazil started a project to plan 73 million trees, the largest tropical reforestation project in history


British reforestation – Trees for Life, Moor Trees, Restoring Hardknott Forest.


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Tom White

Environmental scientist, ecological field technician, mountain leader, cycle courier, cook, gardener, conservation worker, national park ranger, barman, nature reserve warden, tree planter, fruit and veg picker, bird observatory warden, cleaner, volunteer leader, waiter, warehouse worker…… and also human